Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan. 8. 2009 Thursday

Will met with his home health nurse who will be keeping an eye on him while he's at home. Allen (the nurse's name) was very, very nice and really checked Will out. Will's physical therapist came and met with Will around noon and stayed for a couple of hours. Coach and Kim were over here with Will and so they checked everything out and thought that Kevin (his PT) was very, very good at what he does. He will be back on Friday to get him going. Will has dialysis tomorrow and he's just doing better all the time.

Kim (our next door neighbor and good friend) was over tonight sharing her notes that she took for me when the nurse was here today. She and Will started kidding around like they use to. It was really good to see Will getting his sense of humor back a little. He's still so sore from his surgery that it's tough to do much with his arm.

We did get him out of the house today. (I know that's a minor miracle in itself) I told everyone a few days ago that Jim Henslee passed away. He was our good friend and neighbor for many years. Anyway, Will loves that whole family and he wanted to show his respect for them so he went to the viewing. He wasn't able to walk all the way in but he made it to a couch right inside the church. All the family came out and see him, even Jim's wife, Kathy. It's so sad and Hagerman will never, ever be the same without Jim running around volunteering for something all the time.

We had quite a few calls from our friends/ nurses to my phone. I finally got a phone last night so I listened to all the messages. Thank you, thank you all for the sweet words. Will will call you back at the hospital in Boise as soon as he can. He does miss you all. Our U of U "people" are still calling, congratulating him on being home. People are so wonderful to Will. Thank you again

God bless

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Miss W said...

Oh the strides you are making! Keep pushing yourself little by little.

If Allen is the same home health nurse that I'm thinking he is, you are in great hands. Mom worked with many and Allen was the one that she requested to have on her side!

Keep up the good work.