Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Jan. 12, 2009

Here is another week starting. Boy, the time is speeding by.

We didn't get much company this weekend. I thought we would have lots but then maybe everybody thought that and they stayed away for that reason. Also it could be because we go to dialysis on Saturday and that pretty much takes up the whole day. Maybe people are staying away because it's the cold season and we really appreciate that. He can't catch anything right now, it wouldn't be good.

It's now been one week that Will has been home and already he's made huge, huge progress. He's standing by himself and walking back to his room by himself. He's putting on his own shirt and pretty much running the household. How's that for a week's worth of work?

Will did a little exercise this morning and then he took a very long nap. His blood sugar has been going all over the place. When he went to sleep it was over 400 so we gave him some insulin, then when he awoke it was 57. I know that takes a toll on his body. Brent and Stacee came over tonight to catch Will up on his girls' team. He sure enjoys visiting "basketball" The nurse and then the RT will be coming on Monday to work him out.

Well, I got to go back to my church for service this morning and all I can say is it felt so fantastic! I missed everyone so much and then it was like I never left. I pray that all of you have a church that makes you feel so ----- At home and loved, I guess.

God bless and have a great week

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