Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Jan. 17, 2009

Here's the outing that we said Will might take.
He went to his first basketball game!
This was in Jerome with his girls team. Will was introduced and he got a standing ovation from the large crowd. His girls didn't know he was coming and so they were surprised. We didn't know until the last minute if he would be able to handle going to the gym. He did really well. Good news, he got shoes on, he hasn't had shoes on in 11 months-just those clog things.
It's just so hard to describe how Tom and I felt when he walked (yes, walked) out onto the court to wave to the crowd. Did we ever think that he would be on a gym floor again? Sometimes I doubted it, but then again we are talking about Will.
Now we won't be able to keep him home. Fantastic!
I do have it on a video and I will play with it tomorrow and get it up on here.
They even made signs for the crowd to hold up to welcome him back.
Above---this is where they sat Will. Coach is with him on the right and the athletic director and friend, Ty Jones, is on the left. You can tell that everyone had him fixed up comfortably. We were able to see so many people that we haven't seen in months and months. They were all surprised and excited to see Will back in the gym. Angel, Aaron and Candace were there also so we had the whole family. Angel let Will know who was coming up to talk to him so that was a big help.
Dr. Cahill-How about this, pretty cool huh???
I think you should be able to see the special glasses that Will has on. He does have a small part of his right eye left and this monocular helps to bring the outline and shadow a little clearer. We have an appt. with a vision expert on the 9th of Feb. to see if there is some other kind of glasses he can use, maybe to even bring it into focus more. Wouldn't that be a little miracle?

Jenn, Curtis and our little Cali came down for the afternoon. They were able to go to the game with us and I think they were very touched. Tom really thinks he's so mature doesn't he?

Cali, Will and Candice were hamming it up for the camera. This is the first weekend that Candace has been here that Tom and I have been home and Will of course. (It's so wonderful not to have to go somewhere on the weekend. No trips to Boise or Salt Lake.)

Saturday Will's cousin, Danny and AnneMarie with her two kids, are coming down to spend the night and make sure that we are taking care of Will. It should be a lot of fun. They will be here when we get back from dialysis.

As you can imagine it has been a big, big day in the Harbison household. I still can't believe that he went to a game. Oh, happy day.

God bless and thank everyone at the gym for making Will feel so loved. Well, thank everyone on this blog for making Will feel loved.


Haneys said...

Amazing! Will, that is what you are! I'm tearing up about the greeting you got from your friends and everyone cheering for the biggest star in ROCK! We are so excited for you and can't wait to read more about your news from home:)

KP said...

Last night was the greatest experience I've ever had in my many years of hoops. I will treasure being a witness to such a great triumph in your life and for your family! I'm just so proud of you Will!

Culley's said...

Thanks for sharing such an awesome event. What an honor to be loved and cared for by so many people that wish you only the very best. You have touched a lot of people and it did my heart good to be able to read about it this morning- What a great blessing.