Friday, January 30, 2009

Jan. 30, 2009 Friday

Will got to go to the game after dialysis, and he was happy.
After the game, Will was keeping the crowd laughing.
He's always the entertainment.
Here's a few of the girls after the game. They won by quite a bit so they are happy,
but also they just were so excited to see their "coach"

Will enjoyed the game but it was so hard on him the same day as dialysis. I just wish I could get a good picture of what he looks like when he's back in the gym. I don't think it matters if he can't see the total game, he's just where he belongs. The game of basketball is everything to him. Everyone there makes him feel so welcome. The parents come up and make sure to say hi, the staff comes up and does the same, and then the girls, they really complete the feeling.
And, of course he gets to hang out with his best friend (me!!! just kidding)
Tomorrow is the off day for dialysis so he should be feeling goooood. They took almost 3.5 liters off. He had a busy day today but he went to bed with a smile on his face. Isn't that what life's all about??

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Jessica said...

How awesome! Glad to here you are feeling like everything is getting back to a fairly normal... Jesalyn is still waiting for me to move to Idaho so that she can be with her coach!!! You know how it is when mom tries to tell her anything... she's in kindergarten and I teach kindergarten, but I don't know how to do her homework!!! At least, that's what she tells me EVERY time we sit to do it. Little does she know that her teacher and I have been working together.. the little stinker!
I know he loves spending time with you Terri! I don't know of a better friend... LOL (hope Coach doesn't read this huh!:!) I know Willie really likes the time with Donna and Brent! He is so smart... great judge of character!