Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday June 14, 2008 1:39 am

Friday the thirteenth turned out to be a little unlucky for Will. He was breathing was getting worse over night and then he wasn't able to get enough oxygen when he tried the t-trial. After that he was having a lot of trouble. His xrays showed that his lungs had some pneumonia in them and so we started on some high doses of antibiotics. He wasn't able to wake up so they checked his c02 and it was very high. That would explain his lethargy. They had to adjust the vent settings and that didn't help so they had to adjust some more. That helps the body to blow off the extra c02. It seemed to help. Now the vent is doing all the breathing for Will. He hasn't had any more fevers this afternoon. He did have to have three xrays today and the last one showed some clearing.

Will did wake up this evening a little. He was in a lot of pain so then he had some pain meds and now he's sleeping. His c02 is coming down. Still high but it's going in the right direction. They will get another blood gas in a few hours. The drs. did get the new trach tube and they put it in. It was a very simple procedure and we watched. Now we are hoping that it will take care of the bleeding and maybe some of the vomiting. Will's blood sugars have been very high today so they had to start an insulin drip. It's coming down now. He won't be doing any t-trials or walking for a while until he's more stable. So we have taken a few steps back and we won't be transferring to another room until he's back to where he was on Monday. They might do a bronch today to check out if the bleeding has stopped.

Dr. Cahill will be coming back on Tuesday. We are getting excellent help but she's our go-to man (woman, I mean). She's been with us since the very beginning and she does have a vested interest in Will (I really think she loves him a little too.). It's so hard to trust anyone else but the series of doctors that we have had are so great. They know what they are talking about. I don't doubt that at all. They have put so much into Will and I will never be able to thank them enough. Still, I can't wait for Dr. Cahill to come home so we can make sure everything is still going forward.

I feel that he is already on the road to recovering from this little set back or bump in the road as we like to call them. That meds are doing their job. This is something fixable, thank God. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. We have absolute faith in our God that he is working with us and knows what Will needs. Thank goodness Friday the thirteenth is behind us now. :)

Father's Day is tomorrow. What a great day for all you fathers.

God bless

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