Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 19, 2008 Thursday 2:15 am

Here's how Will enjoyed the game!

Thought everyone would appreciate the pictures of Will's buddy and nurse, Sumer. Everyone has come by and congratulated Will on the win. How funny is that?? It's like Will called Doc Rivers, the Celtics coach, with the winning play or something. (Well, I'm sure he could have).

He was a little more tired today. Maybe it was all the excitement from the game, who knows?
The drs. have decided that Will needs to start on dialysis tomorrow. His kidneys aren't working too well. They will take him downstairs and put in a tunnel catheter in his upper chest which will be where they administer the dialysis. This procedure will only take an hour or so. Then they will bring him back to his room and sometime tomorrow or the next day they will start the dialysis. From what little they have told me, they will go for about two hours for three days, skip a day, then they will do four hours for three days. Then I don't know what the schedule will be. This should help in several different ways.

I will know more about dialysis after Will does it the first time. I really don't know the "workings" of dialysis so I will be learning lots in the next couple of days. The drs. told us he might just be doing this for a few weeks, a few months or permanent. There is no way they can tell if the kidneys will recover or not. I think they found the damage in time because they are always checking on that. So my opinion, they will come back working full force. So that's our prayer now.

Will thought he was strong enough to try a t-trial today. He did okay but only made it to 45 minutes but that's more than the last few days of not doing any. I'm glad he took the initiative and tried it on his own. I missed Dr. Cahill's visit today again, but she told Will that she things the dialysis will help and it will take some of the fluid off. As everyone knows, the fluid has been our enemy since we started this journey. Will's sleeping now, we've got two fans in our little room now. They are still trying to fix our air conditioner.

Thanks for your prayers and God bless.

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Christine said...

I am so glad that the Celtics won! I was rooting for them because I know you love them! And plus I am not a fan of the Lakers AT ALL!! :) Hope all is well!