Friday, June 27, 2008

June 28, 2008 Saturday 2:30 am

Here's a picture I promised you. Isn't he looking so much better. They did dialysis today and he has lost around 40 pounds of fluid (if I figured correctly). This was when Brent was here visiting and Will was smiling at something Brent said. Look at those legs, they are no longer tree trunks, you can actually see his bones now. And the good part is, he isn't finished loosing either.

This picture is of Sumer and Will after we decorated the room. Sumer lost the flip and had to wear the Uncle Sam hat. Will just had to wear the beads and hold up the flashing flag pin. This place is just way too much fun. Just kidding, but we do have some fun times.

Will had a good day because he got up and walked out in the hall and then sat in a chair for 45 minutes. He rested and did a 3 hour and 15 min. t-trial. The longest yet since he got his pneumonia. The Drs. took him off his antibiotics today. So he made it through this "bump." Have we turned the corner???? I don't know. I think we have turned many corners. No, I really believe it's only uphill from now on. He's just doing so good. Everybody has been so excited when they see him. I am going to have some more pictures up today so you all can enjoy them.

Then on top of that he had a good visit with Coach and they listened to the Met/Yankees game. About 5:00 Will got a visit from his good friend from high school, John Thompson and his family. It was so good for Will to get this company. Angel has been here and now Aaron will be here this morning. We all want to take Will out for a walk this morning before it gets too hot. This will be his second outing since we have been here. He won't have any dialysis on the weekend so he will have some good goals and I'm sure he will meet all of them. It's going to be a good weekend, his cousin, Christi is coming up also. Maybe I can get her to do the blog for a few days because she's the English teacher.

I need to take care of a few side notes for Will. Here they are.

Happy Birthday, Brenda. We all love you. Come see us soon.

Miss Gregg, we hope you are recuperating well. We miss you. Take care.

Mrs. C. we are thinking of you a lot, anything we can do, let us know.

Thanks and don't forget to let us know who gets the 50,000 blog hit. Should happen today, maybe tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great summer weekend. I know we will. Love to all

God bless


Coach said...

Will, thanks for the visit yesterday, the Pepsi and for letting me listen to the Mets kick the Yankees butts. We did get even in the second game.
Good luck with your goals this week. I know you can do what they asked you to do yesterday. It is great to see the improvement you make each week. Only Will Harbison could do what you are doing. You are amazing. I'll see you next Friday and I promise I won't bring Donna or Kim. That should help make your week.
Everyone needs to know your haircut is catching on because I think your Mom's hair is shorter than yours.
I know you will have a great week.I feel better knowing Dr.Tom is back.
Thanks again for the enjoyable day yesterday.

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Dang do you look good Will.. Look at that SMILE!!! Great to see!!! Love the decorations ;)