Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 5, 2008 Thursday 1:15 am

Morning, I will explain these pictures later in this blog. It takes some setting up.
Will got up this morning and started a t-trial. He was a couple of hours into it and Carolyn, his nurse today, came in and said that he needed to go down to get a ct scan on his lungs. We didn't know why because the drs. hadn't made their rounds yet. Well, they came in and told us that they couldn't tell from any of the scoping they did yesterday where the blood was coming from. So the CT scan could tell us probably. The drs. said they would know right away after reading the scan reports. So the test only takes a few minutes and Will was back in his room (they took him in his bed). Then we wait, and we wait and then wait some more. I'm sure for any of you that has spent time in the hospital this sounds very familiar. While we waited for the drs. to come in with the results, Angel gets bored and she takes some towels out of the dispenser and writes the "Doctors this way" (with an arrow pointing to Will's room) and then she stands at the door with a sign that says "Welcome Doctors" NOW YOU KNOW WHAT THE PICTURES ARE ALL ABOUT. It was hilarious because what would have happened if the drs. would have come in at that time. She would have been so embarrassed. I laughed until I almost woke Will up. Oh, did I tell you Will was sleeping, which was good, because he would have been so mortified. We were just tired of waiting was all. It was so funny and the nurses had to come over and laugh at us.
So after all that, I found our dr. and he said it was going to be really hard to see anything in the ct scan because it's so condensed. He needed to read it with a lung radiologist. So Angel and I left for a little bit and while we were gone the dr. came in and said they needed to do another bronch (yes people, another one). They saw a pocket of blood on the ct scan and they needed to get a sample of it and run it to the lab so they can see if it's infection, rejection or run off. So we should know tomorrow where the blood is coming from. What we need to do is pray hard that it's not infection. To treat that they have to give Will massive doses of steroids. He's been on some now for five days, but they would really give him a big bunch (that's probably not a medical measurement either). Last time he had to have that much was over Easter and he had a terrible reaction from it all. Even though it saved his life, it doesn't come without bad side effects. We don't want that.
He's not feeling too bad tonight, a little tired. Angel has to go home tomorrow so things will get kind of quiet around here. Coach is supposed to come up this morning and see him. He's trying to come up once a week to try to help keep Will's spirits up. It will be fun because we decorated Will's room (well, Angel did most of it) with the Celtics theme because tonight is the first game of the championship playoffs. Lakers and the Celtics-great match up. Coach is a die-hard Lakers fan. This is probably the only thing they have ever disagreed on. I should have pictures of the room tonight. GO CELTICS
One of our special drs. that only gets to come on one week a month is Dr. Harris. She was telling us that whatever side effects a medicine will have, Will will experience it. She's never seen anything like it. Will really likes her because she has that sassy way of talking that this family seems so comfortable with. She wasn't even working today and she wanted to come by and check on Will. That's so nice. Once again, I can't say it enough, we have really, really, nice people up here in ICU. God has blessed us with angels all around us. I thank Him every night for this.
So hopefully tomorrow we will have some results on the bleeding in the lungs. I do think it's getting a little bit better tonight. So our praying friends, please pray for no infection or rejection. We just hope that's its just trauma from the trach. Thank you so much.
God bless


Judy said...

Good Afternoon - Just leaving you a quick note to say HI. We are praying for GREAT news from the Doctors. Take care. Love, Layne and Judy
PS- GO GREEN - Sorry Randy

Anonymous said...

Great update Terri, sounds like they are on the right track. We will say an extra prayer or two for Will and all of you tonight. Hope Will can stay up to watch the game tonight. Wish I was closer, I'd love to come see him. Please send him our love! Maybe I should have you ask Will what kind of basketball training I should start with Jesalyn next week. Each week he could give us an updated lists of exercises.
Okay so I can't BELIEVE I forgot to tell you this story!
The other day we were in Toys R Us picking out train pieces with Mason's gift cards from his birthday. And guess what? He started to shuffle to the right looking at different toys, and then he did it to the left. (like clear down the aisle! lol) I was such a proud mom! I think I scared Martin to death because I yelled "Martin do you see what he's doing?!?" He's ready to play defense I tell you! At 2! Will would've been really excited - he's a natural - we didn't even practice that yet. What am I thinking working on his abc's and such... we are starting training Monday! LOL
Well I love you all lots! Students last day was today, YIPEE! We have a teacher workday tomorrow and that's all she wrote... beach and pool here we come (oh and basketball court!)

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Im glad to see Angel brighten up the few days she get to stay down here.. I just love the humor that you all can have through this time.. It's fabulous!!!
Much love and Prayers for you..
Love T