Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3, 2008 Tuesday 2:05 am

Today is our 100th day in the hospital.
Now if I was in school, I would be celebrating a whole bunch of ways. One of them being we count out 100 fruit loops and make a necklace with them, or list 100 nouns or take spelling test that doesn't count and have 100 words on it. So lots of ways we celebrated 100 days in school. This 100 days we really don't feel like celebrating.

His fourth day of steroids is today. One more to go. I will be glad. He is much more restless and grouchy when he's on steroids. I know, most of you don't know that Will has a temper, yes he does, and it really shows on steroids. But that is normal so we are okay. He will be glad to be done with it tomorrow.
They are still trying to track down the bleeding from the trach. It seems to have gotten worse but still not life threatening. The drs. are watching closely though. He did the trials and walked a couple times. Sumer tried to talk him into another shower but he just wasn't up to it tonight. He is sleeping very well right now.

God bless


T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Will a temper, hhmm?? Just kiding i will be the same way im sure.. Day 100 and things are looking good..Thats what I like to hear.. Showers and walking is the key to his strength:)
Perhaps I get out today, we will see.. I let you know okay:)
Love all of you

Jen Holtzen said...

Sorry to hear that Will is having some 'roid rage, I totally understand. Ryker gets the same way when he is on the juice, we've even been kicked out of a daycare when he was on a particularly long stretch of steroid use...But that's a story for another day! I hope today is a great one, can't wait to read about the progress tomorrow! Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk, and Dax

Somer Love said...

100 days wow!!! Keep up the positive attitudes you will be outta there by 125!!!! I just know it!

Maybe Will you will get that shower today. But hey we know you are just trying to do your part for the earth!!! :)

Katie Lardy said...

In acknowledgement of 100 days, I'm going to think of 100 positive things and send all of the positive energy your way.
For example: the Celtics are in the final! Etc. . .

Terri, also a fun fact/memory about the number 100.
With you as my pre-school teacher, you helped me complete my ability to count to 100. I believe I received a Snickers candy bar. Something my mom wouldn't let me have then. And something that I'll guess you, as a a teacher, would never use now to reward a child.
:) Ah how times change. ;)

I love you all and look forward to more progress as it continues to move in the forward, positive direction.

Hugs all around! Hi Tom!


Jessica said...

Hey Will, Terri, and Tom
You are all in our thoughts and prayers! Sorry I did not blog much this last week, I'm quite warn out after Mason's party and still trying to finish the end of our year. We have an ice cream party tomorrow and Donuts for Dad on Thursday a.m. Should be fun... only two half days left. YEAH!!!
Mason ran crying to the car this morning and grabbed the handle saying, "Go home Mommy! Go home Mommy!" They know how to pull on the strings huh? So needless to say I'm definitely ready for this week to be over so that I can relax with my own two kids at home.
Please give Will a hug and kiss (when he's not got a temper, Terri) and let him know that we are thinking of him. Love you all