Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20, 2008 Friday 5:35 am

Another busy day in the Will Harbison saga. He woke up and had his breathing treatment then they told him they were going to go downstairs to get the tunnel catheter put into place. They put it in about where he had his old port-a-cath in his chest. We were told that he would be about 1-2 hours. He was down there about three hours but they had a little trouble getting his bleeding stopped. Caroline was down with him and when she didn't come back up it made us a little nervous. Tom was pacing the hallway-he said he wasn't nervous, he just needed to exercise. :)

When he got back up he was pretty sleepy. Then in about one hour they came in and said they were going to start his dialysis in a few minutes. They set the big machine up and got started. It was very, very interesting how that machine can take the place of your kidneys. The blood comes out of the body then goes through this machine and goes back all cleaned up. AMAZING! They start slow-only two hours today-and go up from there. He'll do this for three days, then take a day off, and go for three more days and then they will move him to every other day. They can take fluid off faster this way also. They took two liters off today. Now only 12 more to go. That's not the only reason they do this though. It's to take the toxins out of your blood stream. It should make him feel so much better. He also got two units of blood. The transfusion was needed and that might make him more energetic too. So a lot accomplished.

Then our friends came up, Brent Clark and Kim White. Kim jumped in with Brent when she found out he was coming up. Brent stayed with Will and visited while we went to dinner. It was nice and Brent and Will had a very good visit. Sumer and Brent talked Will into standing for a couple of minutes. Sometimes after dialysis people don't have too much energy for a while. But Will did visit and stand so he must be doing okay in that area. Kim stayed the night with me in Will's room and will get a ride home with Coach and Donna because they are coming up today. She is so funny, I took a picture of her trying to catch a nap in Will's room. Wait until you see how she tried to sleep.

We all feel that this is going to help so much. For all you people that are reading this, if any of you have had dialysis, let me know how it went, please. Remember my email- if you don't want to blog. God has Will's life all planned out and for some reason Will must need to go on this machine. I thank God that there is something like this that we can try. Also, it's giving his kidneys a much needed rest. Thank you for all your emails today for support. Things are good. God is in control and there is no better pilot.
God bless


Somer Love said...

It sounds like the big machine is really going to help you WIll....

Get some rest and you will be over this lil bump in no time! I am glad your kidney will get a chance to rest, just think of them on a lil vacation when you are ready to get rid of the machine they will be so refreshed and thirsty for that much needed pepsi!!!

Christi said...

It appears you may be graced with my presence soon. I am so happy for you.