Wednesday, June 18, 2008



22 years ago Will watched them win their last championship and he's watched every year since. Way to go green. Everyone here was celebrating just because Will was happy. Even Coach thought it would be okay if they won just this once.


Mel said...

Congratulations. Your Celtics Won!
How Awesome is that. We were here in Nevada routing for them also.
Norm likes the Lakers but even he was routing for the Celtics. Great playoffs this year. Way to go, Celtics. -Culleys , Spring Creek, Nevada

Lthsldy said...

Way to go Celtics! I'm sure that put a big smile on Will's face. I'm in Philadelphia right now; it's quite the buzz. What a way to throttle them.

I must go, but wish each of you a great day. Relish in the big win and take care.


Toni Mendive said...

I have to say I've been rooting for the Celtics since they got K. Garnet because I heard Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio say that he won't make any difference to such a poor team. I just knew they'd prove him wrong!
Congratulations to all Celtics & Fans!
I'm still offering up various and sundry prayers for all of you. Stay strong.
Toni in Elko

Somer Love said...

YaHOO!!!!!!! I was so excited When they won!!!!

Just wanted to let you know your in my prayers and I am very proud of you Will! I am praying for those kidneys to keep on keeping on!!

Stay strong & positive!!