Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 9, 2008 Monday 2:05 am

Will's day was good. He is still trying to overcome his feelings that he can't breathe without the vent. Some days it seems to be a major battle. He did go about 10 hours today without his vent. Not all at once, but the longest was about 4 hours and 20 minutes. That's a long time, but at the end he feels like he's run a race. He's hot, sweating and feeling exhausted. He's just sure that there's not enough air but there is and he's getting more and more comfortable with it. Just think, a few weeks ago, he couldn't even stand up and now he's walking the halls-very slowly but he's walking again. So he has made progress and we are proud of him. It's so hard for him but as he says all the time, "It's all going to be worth it."

This picture is one of my favorites because I am trying to play matchmaker with these two. Antonio, one of Will's favorite nurses, and Shaleena, one of Will's favorite aides just are so cute together. It's been fun teasing them all day. They play along with it. As a female, when I see an unattached male, it's instinct to try to get him together with someone. I'll tell you all how I do. (Not that most of you would be interested, but it's our little world).
It's been raining for a few days but I think now the weather should get warmer. I would like to get Will outside again soon. He needs the sunshine, but then, don't we all after the winter we had.

Will has really, really enjoyed his xm radio up here in the room. We just finished with second game of the series. First it was a blowout and then watch out, the Lakers came back and played a little. It was close at the end. But Boston took care of business. Go Green.
This is the picture that I took and couldn't find when Angel was here a few days ago. . So this is more of Will's decorations and the pillow I made him. In intensive care units, they can't have their own bedding because of infection possibilities so he can't use the pillow on his bed but we put it all over the room. Doesn't he look too comfortable??? But I don't think he was, I think Angel was pinching him under the pillow.
I hope everyone had a great Sunday. Missy, Auntie is so glad you are out of the hospital, take care.
Love to everyone
God bless

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