Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26,2008 Thursday 3:20 am

It just keeps getting better and better. Will's attitude has been so improved lately. He needed some positive steps forward and now that he's got them, he's running (figuratively not literally). I can't wait to put pictures up as soon as my computer gets fixed. It could be today. It would be hard to believe the change. He's smiling and everything. Brent and Stacee came up today and they just saw him last week. They just couldn't quit talking about the change in Will in just six days. Well, I figure he probably is over 30 pounds lighter and that could help anyone feel better.

They took off another 4 liters (about 9 pounds) with dialysis and he is more exhausted today than he has been. The drs. said they might have to slow it down so his heart doesn't get dehydrated. Today is his day off so he will be feeling great when he wakes up this morning. Hopefully he will do a lot with that new-found energy. He still has to walk and do t-trials.

Coach will be coming up on Friday (Tom's birthday)and Tom will be come that afternoon with Aaron. Aaron hasn't been able to come up in a long time so it will be so good to see him. Then on Saturday Christi, his cousin, will be coming up for a few days. I can't wait for all the company to see how well he is doing. It does all of us good.

God bless


Steph T. said...

Yay!!! Keep on improving! "Keep on swimming, keep on swimming..." My favorite line from "Finding Nemo." Keep on going!!! Hang in there!
Love, Stephanie Taylor

bug said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!! We are getting ready to go camping for the weekend. I don't know what we'll do not being able to read this every morning. We'll be lost without it. We will still have you in our prayers and think of you all. Hope you have a great day Tom. Give Will our love

Brenda n Lance said...

It is so nice to hear all the great news. I would love to see that smile on Will's face. It also makes me happy to know that Christi will get a chance to visit with Will. I love you guys.
Brenda and Lance