Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 6, 2008 Friday 2:30 am

These pictures are of the Celtic room in ICU. It looks pretty cool even if I do say so myself. Most people from Utah are totally against the Lakers because they put their Jazz out of competition, so we are getting good reviews for the Green. Thank goodness they won tonight. We would have never heard the end of it. I do seem to be missing a picture but I will look again for it and try to put it up tomorrow on the blog. The door to Will's room has a bball on it that says No Laker fans allowed. So of course we had to put Coach in front of the door. (remember he's a BIG Lakers fan) He thought Will didn't want him in there. That was funny. Will didn't know Angel put that on the door. Good game tonight and good times. The staff here gets such a kick out of our room

Coach only stayed a little bit but Will was tired. He had a good, good day. Today was the first time he walked with no vent!!! He didn't get all the way down the hall but at least half way, I think. I really don't know if he would have gone that far without Coach telling him he could do it, just like the good ol' days when he was making Will run lines in practice. I am so proud of Will and thanks Coach for coming all the way down here with gas prices the way they are.

Will did three trials today and two walks. What a day. He's getting stronger. We haven't heard from the cultures that were sent to the lab on the last bronch. He started back on the heparin for the blood clotting. That's good. And the bleeding has lessen quite a bit. That's good too.
We all are trying to balance all the walks and trials with his need to rest and recuperate. I think we might be close to finding a good balance.

Thanks Grandma Carol for the orange rolls. Yummy. We love you and miss you too.
Will wanted me to say a Happy Birthday to his cousin, Matt. So-Happy Birthday, Matt. We love you and miss you lots too.

It's been raining so we haven't had a chance to go outside but as soon as it's nice, I hope we can make it happen then. By the way, for you information, today is National Doughnut Day. What a great day!!!

This last picture is of Will and Angel. Angel had been giving Will a foot rub and I think she got tired. So she stuck her foot up there and said she wasn't going to do any more until Will rubbed her feet. Needless to say, it did not happen. Sorry Angel.
Angel went home today. I miss her already but she missed her husband. They are still newlyweds, ya know. Thanks Aaron for letting her come up here, I know you miss her when she's gone.

Well everyone, I hope you enjoy your family like we do. I hope you appreciate them as much also. Families are God's special gift.
God bless

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Anonymous said...

What a great blog! Great picture of Coach, well of the door he's standing next to anyway. lol Mentioning Carol's orange rolls made me hungry... I miss her cooking too. What blessings we have in that little town!!!
Great job Will! Keep, saying "I think I can, I think I can.... I knew I could, I knew I could!" Mason's new train set is rubbing off on my a bit.
So does Will think Katie is having a boy or girl? Just curious!
Love you all! Have a great weekend! I know I will because NO SCHOOL MONDAY! YAHOOOOOOO