Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 2 Monday 1"15 am

This is a picture I couldn't get up on the blog yesterday. It has two of Will's favorites. John, a respiratory therapist, and Somer, you all know who she is. They were standing him up to get ready for a walk. They all seem to love our son and take such good care of him.


Lthsldy said...


Here wishing you a week filled with great strides. You can go even further than what you accomplished last week!

Larry Messick used to tell us we needed to maintain PMA - positive mental attitude. The power of the mind and the power of God are the keys to success.

I've heard you encourage many a team and know that value of digging deep and coming out on top. Continue to be the wonderful role model that you have been all these years.


Lthsldy said...

Imagine it said, "Here's wishing . . . (you get to grade my keyboarding and proofing skills now)
: )

T*A*N*Y*A* said...

hey its so good to see Will doing good and walking.. Man i am kind of a lil worried that my lungs will come when Cahill is out.. HHMM now is when I can wait 2 weeks till she comes back..