Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM 1:51 am

It's Tom's birthday today.

Will wants me to make sure I put this on his blog for his dad. So we are going to have a party up here on the unit and the nurses are really excited for some cake and ice cream. They told me that they probably won't be able to wear those silly little party hats but I told them I would get them all those little noise makers that you blow into and they make a noise and unroll. Then they can use them on their grouchy patients and it will put a smile on their faces. Ya think???

Sumer and Will were helping me decorate Will's room tonight. I got some cute pictures and tomorrow I will put them on the blog. Yup, I got my computer fixed. I guess my hard drive was fried. I don't know how I did that, it could have been from so much blogging :)

Will had a good day today. He didn't have dialysis and he really had a good nights sleep so he was ready to roll. Tomorrow will probably be a little different because dialysis really wears him out. But then he has Saturday and Sunday with no dialysis and maybe we can really get some good walking and t-trials out of him.

Angel and Will had a real good day of "messing with mom." That's a game they like to play. I don't think it's that funny but hey, they get a good kick out of it. I will be glad when my son-in-law gets up here because Aaron doesn't let them pick on me. No seriously it is so nice to watch Will with his sense of humor coming back. I will even take all the teasing they do. Will is staying awake for longer periods now, except after dialysis. Everyday Will is just getting stronger and stronger. It won't be long and we will be coming home.

If you want to send Tom a birthday greeting on the blog, it's okay (even though this is supposed to be Will's blog) . I will make sure he reads them.

Within the next couple of days this blog should hit 50,000 hits. That is so awesome, but I would like the person that gets that hit to please blog or email me the time. I will put it on the blog. There's really no prize but it will be fun to see who "wins" the hit.

God bless


T*A*N*Y*A* said...


Love all the progress on Will..

Lthsldy said...

It is so nice to hear taht you all are doing so well. Keep that sense of humor going.

A most happy birthday to Tom. Enjoy this special day. (Terri, give Will, Tom, and Angel a hug for me. You get three in return!)

Oh the parties we will all have when this bumpy road smooths out.


Denise and Lonnie Waltrip said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Tom!!! Don't you just "love" the fact that nobody will let you forget your birthday?! I had one of those a couple of days ago and truly I would be happy if I didn't have to think about those anymore! But - people just don't let you forget, do they!!! (However, I must admit some of the "bennies" aren't too bad! I got to go to The STAR for lunch with my mom, my sister Dona, my aunt Dee and my granddaughters Danielle and Ciera - so that was fun - and my daughter had to work that day so she is taking me to lunch today to make up for it - so that's good - it's the rest of the year remembering how old I'm getting that I try not to think about! :-). )Sure hope you have a wonderful birthday Tom!
Will, it is so, so awesome to hear how great you are doing! Keep up the good work and you will be out of that place real soon. We think about you every single day and even though we don't check in on the messages we read the blog every day.
Have a great weekend!

karrie & jeff said...

Happy Birthday again, Tom! It was so great to see you, neighbor. Will and Angel, keep picking on your mom, you know she loves it! There is no greater gift for a mom than to watch her children laughing. Have a great day! Love from Karrie and Jeff

Gina said...

Happy Happy Birthday Tom!! Glad to hear Will's still got his sense of humor!....Love it!