Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008 Wednesday 2:11 am

Will has had an interesting day today. He started out with a three hour trial and he did okay with that. The drs. wanted him to have a bronch (reminder a bronch is where they go down in the lungs with a little camera so they can look all around) and see where he's bleeding from. They did that about two this afternoon. This doesn't hurt because he's asleep. They looked and found some ulcers or lesions on his trachea and some blood down in his lower lobes of his lungs. Now they don't know much about what they saw. It's confusing how the bleeding is getting worse and yet they can't find any source of the blood. It's there but they need to find out where. So then the drs. called in the ear, nose and throat specialists because they wanted them to check the trach itself and see if they can find anything there. They took out the trach and looked all over. They did find some blood but they don't think it was enough to thing that is where all the blood is coming from. His trachea is swollen from being irritated from all the coughing and suctioning so they couldn't put a smaller trach in. I hope I'm not confusing everybody.

So tomorrow we will put together all the results and see what we can come up with. I know I told everyone that Dr. Cahill (Will's main doctor) was in Israel for two weeks. We've never had to go this long without her as our safety net. It's hard to put the trust that we have in her to another doctor. So we are nervous what's happening now. I know the doctors know what they are doing, right?? No, they ARE smart. They just don't love Will like Dr. Cahill does.

Will couldn't walk today because they didn't want him moving too much until we know what we are dealing with. I know they will try the t-trial test in the morning and see how that goes.

He's still with it enough to enjoy Angel's visit. She's such a crack up. She can get him to smile at the littlest things. Our friend Tanya that is awaiting a lung transplant went home from the hospital today. She's been in for a month. So would you all pray for her to get those lungs soon. I haven't heard about our young man in the other room but he's still here. The nurses can't talk about him so unless I see any family members, I don't know what's happening. When I walk by his room he looks the same. I will let you know when I know.

So we would appreciate prayers to stop the bleeding from the lungs so Will can continue with his progress. We will let everyone know how's it going tomorrow. Thanks for the love.

God bless


Judy said...

Good Morning Harbisons - Thanks for the update. Another Spring day in Hagerman - the wind is blowing and it is cooler. Hope it is sunny and nice in Salt Lake. I am taking care of Tyler today. Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Give Will a BIG hug for us. Hope to see you soon. Love, Judy and Layne

Brenda said...

Our constant prayers are with all of you. And we will pray for the new doctors too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Family,
We are praying for you here in Florida. You have some new little fans Will. I have three little girls that keep on asking about you and how you are! One wanted me to show her mom the website tonight after our Ice Cream Party/Kindergarten Graduation. She was so cute talking about you and explaining to her mom what is going on.
All our love coming your way! Just graduated 18 little kindergarteners into First Grade. It is the first year that I did not have to retain anyone so that was a great feeling!
Talk to you soon,