Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 2 Monday 1:15 am

Here is a couple of pictures of baby Tyler, oh yea, and his mom Megan Osborne. Isn't he so cute. What a charmer. It was so wonderful to finally meet him after all this time. We had a good visit with his parents too.

This picture of our little parade to get Will's walk done was so funny. If you notice we have a wheelchair behind Will in case he gets to tired to go. Well, look who is sitting in it. Our wonderful mama bear, Carolyn. Jonathon is pushing her. Everybody at the desk was just laughing so hard. Like I have said before, we get our entertainment very cheap around here.

Will got his three time trials in plus his two walks. He is so wiped out at the end of the day. This is the second day of his steroid treatment for rejection. He has already started to swell up again. That is expected so if his pictures look worse, that's why. We will get a soft trach put in tomorrow. The drs. think that could be what's causing all the bleeding when we suction him. So hopefully that will be taken care of. The best news though is that Angel is coming down tomorrow evening to spend a couple of days with us now that school is out.
Speaking of school being out, Will was so sad that he couldn't go to the Jerome graduation of Saturday. He has a tight bond with a few of those girls that graduated and he really wanted to be there. So, girls, if you're reading this, just know that your coach wanted to be there.

Will is doing so much better than he has been. We will keep on pushing and you all can keep on praying. Thank you so much. God is here with us all the time and it feels so good when we aren't alone going through this. He will never forsake us. It has been promised.

God bless

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Thanks for sharing the pics! Will keep p all the good work you are dong GREAT!!!