Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 18, 2008 Wednesday 2:40 am

This flower was given to Tom for father's day from Caroline, our nurse, out of her garden. It's one of the prettiest roses I've seen. It was huge and full and it had a wonderful aroma. It brightened up our little room. Thanks Caroline.
It was haircut day today. Caroline was cutting it and then Tom jumped in and wanted to try. It made Will very nervous but he did just fine. Our air conditioning isn't working on this floor so it is very hot. This new haircut will make Will feel so much cooler.
Will is feeling a little better today. He stayed awake a lot more than yesterday. He stood again for a few minutes. He smiled a lot when the Celtics game was on. I have a few cute pictures that I will put up tomorrow night from the game. Sumer, his co-favorite nurse, helped him watch it.
He was very glad to have Dr. Cahill back from Israel. She was so swamped with everything today that she said she would go over everything with the head of ICU and catch up. Then she will talk to us tomorrow about what's planned out. Will's kidneys are taking a beating lately. The drs. are looking into a few possibilities and we will hear from them today. They are starting to wean him down on his vent settings again. They will take it slowly since the pneumonia is still present. If Wiill has any trouble then they won't do any more for a while.

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