Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17, 2008 Tuesday 2:27 am

Was is just a few weeks ago that we were complaining about all the snow?? It's been very hot here today, around 96 degrees when I left the hospital at 5:00 this evening. It's the middle of June, so I guess this should be the normal weather for this time of the year.

Will still is having trouble with his pneumonia. He has been sleeping almost all the time. They did stop the lasix because his kidneys are having trouble handling it. We did get him to stand again this morning and tonight but he's a lot weaker than he was yesterday. It really doesn't matter if we have to hold him up, it's just really good for him to be standing vertically to let his lungs open up.

The docs decided to do another bronch this afternoon. They wanted to do a "wash" to see what was growing in there. It's where they put saline water into his lungs and then suck it back up and put it into a specimen cup. It can tell them if its strictly pneumonia or rejection. The wash takes a few days to grow out the culture so we won't know anything for a while. But the docs are really glad that they started the antibiotics when they did because he had so much thick secretions throughout his lungs. It even clogged the scope a few times. They weren't able to see too much because of all the "stuff" in there. So we do know the he's battling a bad case of pneumonia and it will set him back a little. We've been there before and we can get him back up again.

So today is going to be a good day. Two things are happening. Number one-the Celtics are going to take the NBA Championship tonight (just for Will :) right Coach? ) And Number two------and the best--Dr. Cahill will be back from Israel. She's not going to be happy with Will. Seriously she will probably come in and tell him to roll over so she can kick his butt. But that's just her way of saying she loves him. She'll have a day or two to get her bearings but then things will start rolling for Will's benefit. Also the doctors around here are a little afraid of her. They already told me they are taking the day off because she's not going to be too happy with them letting Will get sick again. (Even though we know there was nothing they did wrong-she won't see it like that) No, I'm teasing. She sounds intimidating but she's really a softy.

So things aren't as good as they were this time last week. They will get better but we could all use your prayers, please. I hope you all are enjoying the summer weather. Don't get heat stroke. Love to all---Go Celtics

God bless

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Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

We are praying for God to clear Will's lungs as He has done before.