Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 29, 2008 Sunday 1:20 am

Over 50,000 hits of this blog. WOW!
Nobody took credit for hitting the 50,000 hit so
there is no winner. Sorry.
These next few pictures are of our walk outside this morning. The whole family got to go and it was beautiful. Flowers and green trees everywhere on the hospital grounds. The breeze was blowing so Will didn't get too hot. We still had to stay in the shade even though we were out before 10:00 am. We stayed out for about 40 minutes. Wonderful way to start our day. I hope we can do this again and again.

Don't forget to double click on the pictures and it will enlarge for you.

This is another picture of the two that I am trying to play matchmaker for. They make such a cute couple and they need to name their first child after me. Just kidding. I will keep you informed of the saga of Antonio and Shaleena. Will doesn't think I should be doing this but hey, it's great fun.

These next pictures are more of our room decorations for the Fourth of July. We are very patriotic.

Will had a good day with the walk and we will even have a better one tomorrow. Sunday we will put more time in on the t-trials, and of course, walking. He is gaining his strength quickly.
On a very serious note, our good friend, Richard White, will be traveling today to Houston to get seen at the big cancer center there because they found a spot on his lung. Remember Richard has already found a tumor in his kidney and had to remove the kidney a few years ago. So this is serious and we really need all the prayers for healing to go his way. I know God is in control. Richard is such a great friend, and we really need for those doctors to find a way to rid Richard of this cancer. Lots of love, Richard and we hope you and Kim will be home soon. Take care. We will keep the faith.
God bless all our friends and family. We love you all and appreciate all your concern.


whitehouse said...

Thank you Harbison family and what an awesome treat to see all the great pictures. It is so good to see the whole family together. What a joyful day!! As for you Will . . great legs. I never thought I would be so excited to see those legs back to their original size. Keep up the great work. See you all very soon!!

Christi said...

I will be on my way to see you in a matter of minutes, but I felt compelled to inform you of something before my arrival: Before you even think of conning me into it, know this - I don't do feet. I know others have treated you to this and that is wonderful, but save your breath (no pun intended), because I won't be. Think of something else though - because you know I love you and I will do ALMOST anything for you. Love you - see you in a few hours.

linda said...

Great pictures of you and your family,,,,,,,,was so good to see you outside and doing so much better,,,,we pray everyday for you and for Richard too,,,,,,,,,,,so many need to be lifted up,,,,,,,,,take care and have a good day today too,,,,,,,,,,,from Aaron's mom,,,,,,,,

Karen Atwood said...

Boy was it ever good to see the smile on your face in yesterday's blog, Will! You look great! I did notice, however, that you smiled more when you were with the pretty nurse than when you were with Angel. Now that's the Will we all love and know.

Tom, you look great too--especially for such an old man! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Actually, you all look great and I can't wait to see you! Will, be sure you have Christi treat you to a good foot rub--you know how she loves to rub feet!

Well, church is calling, so I have to run. Hopefully Gloria and I can come down in a couple of weeks.

srmedley said...

Keep playing matchmaker! Anotonio wants it - even if he doesn't admit it!
Tell him hi when you see him will ya?

Will - you look great! I'm excited things are going well for you. Sorry it has been so long since I've communicated with you all. You are the best family ever!

Love you guys!