Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wed. March 4, 2009

Aw......................dialysis day. That's what Will is saying, I'm sure. They took off over 4 liters today. When he walked in to the building, he was on 7 liters of o2 (that's a lot) and he weighed over 11 pounds more than his "dry weight." That's saying all the fluid was just sitting on his lungs making it very hard to breath. He really was having a terrible time just walking. Then he started itching like crazy so they plugged him in and taaa-daaaa no more itching.

So on Wednesday, Kevin his physical therapist is coming and if it's a nice day, they will go outside to walk. Will is looking forward to that. Will has a doctor appt. in the afternoon with his "regular" doctor just so she can get to know him more.

Everything else is going fine. I wish we had a better handle on his blood sugars but that will probably come after he can get off more medicines.

Have a great Wednesday and GOD BLESS