Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21, 2009

Below is a couple of pictures of Will and Tanya. She's the one that had the transplant right after Will. She got to go home today and we know she's going to be just great. Her biopsies came back showing nothing so that's good news but they still don't know what the mass is.
Isn't she cute????

This is a good shot because a sweet housekeeper took the picture so we all could be in the picture. The sweet lady in green is Tanya's grandmother and she's a funny lady. I enjoy visiting with them when we can and it's very rare that Will and Tanya can visit face to face. So good times.

Will is going to be going home tomorrow, Saturday, after dialysis. He has to have a few blood tests done in the early morning just to check a few things out. So we should be home tomorrow night some time and it will be so good. Will should be able to see a few games on his big screen and he is so ready.

We went outside for a little bit today (it was a gorgeous first day of spring) and then Will wanted to do a few stairs. (Well, I don't know if he wanted to do them but Dr. Cahill said he needed to do them. She does run the show, ya know). So Will went to the second floor and walked up to the fifth floor. That was so great. I don't know the last time he was able to do that many stairs. We know that he's ready to go home.

So I will blog from home tomorrow night. YEA! Thank you, thank you for every body's prayers for Will's recovery. They worked once again and God is so awesome for giving us all of you great people to help us through these times.



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