Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009 Thursday

Well, pretty uneventful days since Sunday. Tuesday was dialysis and it was the most painful of all the other days. We don't know why this was so we are going to keep an eye on dialysis on Thursday to see how that goes. It took him all night to get over it. He worked out today with Kevin and they even got to go outside for a little walk. I think Will will get out more once the weather changes and we have some nice days. The only problem there is that because of some of the meds Will is on, he won't be able to go out in the sunshine.

Will wants to go to the all-star game for the girls and boys after dialysis. It's played in Twin Falls at 6:00 pm and a few of the Jerome kids made it so he wants to watch the games. They usually are a lot of fun. Will even got to coach an all-star team before the transplant.

Another important item about today----Tom and I have been married 37 years. We went out to dinner and we bought a new bed. It will be delivered tomorrow morning. We are so excited. We got it at the same place Will and my mom got their new mattresses. They are very happy with their purchase so I know we will be too.
So for all you youngsters out there that are just getting started, it can be done, it's not easy all the time, but it can be done. Especially when you find the "right" person.

Oh, I was going to put on a picture of Angel's little "bump" but I couldn't get it just right so I will try later. You know us Grandmas; we have to get the pictures perfect. (two days until spring break)

More on Wednesday night.


Miss W said...

Happy Anniversary blessings, Tom and Terri. I have never seen such a committed couple. You are always there for God, friends, family, and each other. I can only hope that my marriage emulates the same.

Hang in there, Will. The rough days are there to remind you of where you came from and to inspire you to continue reaching your goals. There is so much for you to do and tell.


(Hopefully this isn't a duplicate post. It hiccuped the first time! Dang technology! It's good to hear it twice if it did.)

Stacy Hensley said...

Happy Anniversary!

Glad to hear that things are getting better for Will. We are all praying for him. Congrats on Angel's pregnancy, how exciting!

We know all about kidney transplants. Lot's of experience this Chad's. Feel free to contact my parents if you would like...
Take care,
Stacy Mushlitz Hensley

Brenda n Lance said...

Wow, you guys look great! It is so nice to see you all together with lots of smiles on you faces. I am so happy for you all and hearing the good news all around is a treat. Will, when you are having a tough day, just remember what you told me a few months ago about how nice it is to not be bothered anymore in the middle of the night and to have your freedome back. I love you all very much and you are often in my thoughts. Have a great Spring Break! Love Brenda, Lance & Cooper

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!! I didn't realize you picked the best month ever for your wedding too. We celebrate our 8th next week. Can you believe it?!? So if 37 years together didn't make you feel old, I'm sure that will Terri. I feel old and I'm only 28.... tell me it just keeps getting better and better!!! Even if it's a lie.... just tell me that. LOL LOL LOL
So I have to encourage you by telling you our neighbors were married for 65 years! Hard to believe, but that's older than my parents. Amazing.... That's our goal!
Love ya lots,