Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday March 15, 2009

We took Will to the all-star basketball game to watch two of his "girls" that he coached play.
They were really glad to see him and it was fun to watch.


Here is the pictures of my little girl's little "bump"
It's so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember, the due date is August 14th. It seems so long to wait.

Will hasn't been feeling at all well today. We don't know what's going on but if there is still a fever tomorrow then we will call down to Salt Lake and see what we can be doing for this. We will be going down for a regular appt. on Tuesday night and we see all the docs on Wednesday. Will will have all his normal tests done and we will see how he is progressing. The weather is suppose to be very nice this week so I am looking forward to the trip. Angel is going with us so she can see all our friends. This is Angel's spring break also.

Will is going in tomorrow for a "quickie" dialysis treatment. This is where they just take him in for two hours and take off fluid. We are hoping that it will make a difference.

Well, the brackets are in and we are ready for March Madness.

We have some good friends that are moving to California on Wednesday. Curt (Will coached him in high school) and Meagan Osborne are off for new frontiers. Curt has a great job opportunity and he's going to take it. It will be a fabulous move for them but we are all going to be sad to see them go. We had a going-away potluck at church for them today but I wasn't able to make it because Will wasn't feeling well. I hope if they are reading this, that they understand how much this whole town will be missing them and we want nothing but the best. Our prayers and our love go out to you both, and little Tyler of course. Angel and Meagan are expecting babies around the same time. So we will pray for new beginnings for all of us.


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