Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009

Streptococcus or strep pneumonia is what has grown out in Will's blood cultures so now we wait to see if the antibiotics are sensitive on this type of pneumonia. I think it is because it's working really well. Once we have a good handle on this, then we can probably go on pill form and get home soon.

Dr. Cahill came by for one minute but she made a lasting impression again. I'm still laughing. She said when Will starts feeling better, she's going to slap him and said she has to leave because she has to go and visit people who are actually sick. She said she would see him tomorrow.

Will is feeling better and we did get to move out of ICU and move to the IMCU unit. (One step down from the ICU but still not "floor" status) This is where we were before also but we didn't have the same room. We have several of the same nurses. That makes Will feel so much better, having people he knows around him.

Angel helped Will get his picks(for the NCAA championship) all ready for the bracket. I did my own this year so we will see who is going to be left standing. I think I've got it this year. I will let you all know our picks tomorrow.

Will walked in the hall again tonight on the new floor. I had pictures to put on the blog but I forgot that I can't upload from the hospital. I will try something else later. Just go back and look at some of the pictures from a few months ago of him walking the halls. He looks the same but he's not using a walker. The weather is wonderful here. Maybe tomorrow we can get Will outside, I have to ask first.

If you want to go see pictures of our friend Tanya who had her transplant shortly after Will's, her blog site is on our home page. She still doesn't know what's going on and everyone is waiting for the results of the tests. We will continue to keep her in our prayers, please. We will go visit her again tomorrow and hopefully have some good news to share. We are on the same floor as Tanya, but she's not in the unit.

Angel will go home tomorrow afternoon. She was up here in Will's room doing Will's picks and she asked Will which team he wanted. The baby kicked for the first time! So Will is all excited that the baby, either boy or girl, is going to be crazy for basketball. He/she kicked several more times tonight. I can't feel it but Angel sure can. You poor, poor blogging family. All of you will probably be so sick of this "Grandma" sharing everything about our little baby, but that's freedom of the press, right?

So that's all the update for now. I will write more tomorrow night. Prayers are being answered-Thank you all.


Miss W said...

Are you sure those kicks were pro-basketball kicks? Maybe he/she was throwing a fit about this March Madness stuff ; )

Just could any offspring with Harbison blood not get excited about sports--especially basketball.

I will never forget this time of year and the brackets. Will had to help me out a few times. I think he set me up, however. After all each for his/her own.

I thought of Will and Randy as I drove home yesterday. The teams were arriving at the private terminals, motor coaches were waiting, and police escorts abounded. You would have thought that Obama himself were here! I know, I know . . .this was more important.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Get home soon!


Katie Lardy said...

Will, we are thinking about you hoping for a very quick recovery and brief stay in the hospital. Hugs to you from Bella and all of us.

Jessica said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Terri. Please send my love to Will. Dad called to give me the news a couple days ago. We are thinking about him and praying for a speedy recovery!!!
You are going to make me want to have another one....
Congrats Angel.. and family!!!
Mason kicked a lot... but he is going to be my pro-football player. A "kicker" to be exact! The safest position on the field... great from a mom's stand-point. LOL

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