Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009 Monday

We had a great Sunday visiting Billie, Matt, Sadie and Coby William in Boise. Friday was Coby's first birthday. Time is going by so fast, it seems like yesterday when we got the call that he was born. We were in Salt Lake and it seemed like forever before we got to meet our sweet Coby. We were able to see Christi and the her boys, Noah and Elliott also. They live very close to Billie's house. What a great family we have. The pictures aren't that great. But I share what I have. Angel and Aaron met us over there so everybody got to see Angel's little "bump."
Grandma and Grandpa Atwood came over and visited for a little while too. Good times.

Will has had some good, good days. He's feeling better than he has since he left the hospital on the 4th of January. He's acting more like his ol' self too. He's still a little wobbly but that will come back in time. It's only been a couple of weeks since his little set back.

Will has gone over to Coach's and to Brent's house to watch a lot of basketball the last few days. He does really well at their houses but I think they "force" him to eat what he's not suppose to be eating. It doesn't seem to be doing any harm though. Maybe he's gaining some of the weight back that he lost lately. We're very seriously looking for a pontoon boat to buy so we can do a lot of fishing this summer. The boat will be perfect for Will to fish off from and we can take our friends out on it too. You all are invited as soon as we find one, that is. But maybe not all at the same time.
The new pup is fitting in well with this crazy household. We are all in love with it and she likes us too. Tom seems to be her favorite though.
Hope everyone has a great week and we will blog again on Wednesday night.

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Daniel said...

Hey! Why isn't Will picking the Cowboys to win the NCAA tourney!? I heard Romo has some mad hoop skills!