Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009

Here's another night in ICU. Things haven't changed a bit--every hour someone needs to be in here. But they are taking very, very good care of Will. God has answered our prayers and the antibiotics are doing the trick. He is so much better than he was last night. His fevers are gone and his 02 needs have gone done. He's already on 60 % whereas last night he was at 100% needs. Praise God

Angel got to Salt Lake early afternoon and stayed with him and then Danny, his cousin that lives here who, by the way, just made Major--way to go Major Dan, came to visit. That was a lot said in one sentence, but I'm tired. I just am very, very proud of our little Major Dan. He stayed quite a few hours with Will. too. That always picks him up.It's a wonder we didn't get kicked out. Danny can get very loud when he's telling stories, I kept telling him that this is ICU, but he forgets. I went over to the hotel and slept for a couple of hours when Tom got up to Will's room this morning and I will do it again this morning.

Later in the afternoon, Angel and I went to Will's old CF wing and they have pregnant women that are having trouble on that wing also. Anyway, Jenalynn, one of our old nurses asked Angel is she wanted to hear the heartbeat. I was with her so of course, I told Jenalynn that Angel really wants to hear the heartbeat. I called Tom up in Will's room and he ran down to second floor and listened also. All I can say is AMAZING!!! We have a little baby in there whose heartbeat is very, very strong. I think I got a little emotional. What a miracle. Thank you, God.

Will had dialysis early this morning and they took off 5 liters. That helped with his breathing also. He hasn't got out of bed since yesterday so in the morning they are going to get him up and walk him around a little. He needs to stay on top of that. Dr. Cahill came by this afternoon and Will was asleep but she's coming back in the morning. Tauna, Dr. Cahill's transplant coordinator has come by several time both days to visit with Will.

Will is looking so much better that he probably will be transferred out of ICU today sometime, I hope. I still haven't talked to anyone to find out how long we will be here. I don't know if anyone really knows because we didn't know if the antibiotics would do the trick. But they are--again because of God's great mercy. I think Will is needing out of here today because Coach and Will had this "date" to watch the first of the March madness games on Thursday. So maybe Will can hurry it up and we can be home :)

Thanks for every one who has left comments (Pam, you're great about that) and emails wishing Will the best. He's feeling better tonight so I read them to him. We just have wonderful friends and family. Our good friend Tanya, the sweetie that had a transplant shortly after Will, is in the hospital also. She's been in with some kind of infection since last Wednesday so please, please pray for her and her recovery. We went to see her today and she's just as sweet as always.
Thanks for her prayers and the prayers you all are sending for Will's recovery. God hears them all. I will write more tomorrow.