Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday was Will's first full day home. What did he do?? Well, most of you know Will's routine the day after he gets out of the hospital----he sleeps. He was just waking up when I got home from church at noon. I think he might have been a little sleepy.

Coach came over to see him. Grandma came over and made him a huge pot of potato soup and she had dinner with us. Angel and Aaron came over, they didn't stay long because Aaron is catching a cold so he couldn't even go into Will's room.

Will is itching like crazy from one of the meds, but he only has three more days to go on it so he's trying to get through it. He's also lost some weight in the hospital so we are going to have to get that back on him. He lost almost ten pounds (I think I found it). Today he is going to start exercising because yesterday was his day of rest. He earned it I think.

I will keep you updated and in a few more days I will go back to being just a couple times a week. Our good friends and neighbors, the Whites, are still in Arizona. They called a couple of days ago and they were on the lake water skiing-it was 102 degrees. Yesterday was a cold spell-only 86, poor babies, I just don't know how they can stand it. Brent and Stacee are still in Arizona too enjoying a prolonged spring break. We drove through snow night before last to get Will back home-something's not right here.

I'm back to work today and I did miss the kids, but I was thinking I might petition my boss to let me have another spring break. I think he will go for it LOL

God bless and have a great Monday.

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