Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24, 2009, Tuesday

Will had a good day yesterday and he even walked on the treadmill a couple of times for five minutes each. Pretty darn good for just getting out of the hospital. His appetite is back and he needs to gain some more weight to get back to what it was before this hospitalization. Today is dialysis and we will get back into the routine again.

We were talking and we really miss the people from the hospital. We didn't get enough time with them all. Not that we wanted to stay any longer, just that we wanted them to know we miss them. Quite a few said they were going to come up our way and visit this summer. I better start cleaning now.

Will has gotten a new dog, maybe she's all of ours. She sure is cute and I will get a good picture of her and Will tomorrow. I didn't have time tonight after school because I had Bible study-which is so good, Angel went with me too.

It was so cold today and I had early recess duty. The kids were all huddled around me next to the side of the school. So I was telling them stories about when I was a kid--yup, the whole story of walking to school uphill in the snow, both ways LOL. They loved it but it doesn't take much to entertain a bunch of frozen "Popsicles." It should start warming up real soon.

Take care and GOD BLESS

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T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Aw a puppy.. Dogs are some of the best medicine..