Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20, Friday

Will is looking so much better, it's amazing how much he has turned around. The prayers, oh yea and the meds, are working wonders. He walked twice around the unit today. He had dialysis and they took off 3 liters and no cramping. He took a long shower and sat in the chair for a while.

And he watched a little, not just a little, a whole lot. This is where he really misses his big screen TV and Coach. But it won't be long and we will be home watching March Madness. Dr Cahill came in and I think she was still a little steamed that Will got so sick. So she's probably making Will stay here until he says he's sorry. :)

Everybody has been treating Will so good here. Just like ol' home week. His 02 has gone down to what it is at home and he's eating again. So maybe soon..........

Angel went home today, she was missing her honey a lot, and I think Aaron was missing her too. It is suppose to be very warm back home. I hope the spring weather has everyone outside enjoying life.

Still prayers are needed for our friend, Tanya. She hasn't heard anything from the biopsies yet.