Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday St. Patrick's Day

WEAR GREEN AND THEN THINK OF THE CELTICS--no that's not right--think of St. Patricks.

We came up to Salt Lake today, well yesterday, Monday, after having spent a terrible night with Will. His 02 was dropping and he was having such a hard time getting enough air. So we called and they told us to go to the ER and then get an ambulance to bring him up to here. Well, Will doesn't like ambulances (I think this is because he doesn't get to run the siren, maybe) so he had Tom and I bring him in the van. We made it okay, but I was probably going faster than the ambulance would have for sure.

We got here to the ER and then they brought up right back. Dr. Cahill has pull even in the ER; that lady has pull everywhere. They did a bunch of tests and found out that Will has pneumonia in both lungs. He was pretty sick so they admitted him into ICU. They did a lot more tests. They started him on four different antibiotics and they hope that does the trick. He wasn't able to breathe without a lot of effort so the docs put him on a bi-pap machine to help him bring in his air. This has helped so much.

It's weird because we got the same room that we had for all those months. The nurses haven't changed and they were all glad to see us although they would have rather not have had him so sick. He's not feeling well enough to visit with them tonight though. The docs think that after a few doses of these massive antibiotics that he will turn around. Angel will be coming up in the morning.

I will write the blog every night until we get out of here so to keep our sweet people informed of his progress. Please pray that the meds will work and nothing more needs to be done. Thank you for all your concern and


Linda said...

Will be praying for Will,,,,,,am so sorry that he got sick,,,,but needs to rest now and let the meds do their thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,you and Tom,,,take care and know that we are all praying for you all,,,,,,Love Linda,,,,,,,,,loved the picture of "our" baby,,,,,,Angel's "little Bump" looks to be a pretty good size one, huh?

Miss W said...

Will, Will, Will, there is not need to go to such extremes to get your Mom to blog to us. We'll be okay ; )

Seriously, once again we will get to see the glory of God's healing.

You have been pushing yourself pretty hard. Take a little rest and spring forth again.