Thursday, March 26, 2009

march 26, 2009 Thursday

Will had a good day today. He walked on the treadmill for ten minutes. That's double what he did on Monday. Tom and Will even came up to Bliss for dinner because I was working late in the classroom getting ready for conferences. We went to a little diner in town and I was just amazed that we were sitting there eating like "normal" people do. It was just a week ago that he wasn't in such good shape.

He goes to dialysis today and then he will come home and rest for a little bit. Then he's got a hot date with a television set, Coach, and March madness. There might even be a pizza involved somewhere. Things are looking so much better. Now I'm ready for the lousy weather to leave and spring to arrive.

I loved the comments about Roxie, thanks, and you're right Pam. Randy is a always a "different" story. You had me laughing pretty hard. I'm sure Lynette and Donna were too.

God Bless


Coach said...

Will, I think it is time to shut this blog down. People forget it's purpose is to keep everyone informed of your progress. This is not for their personal use to bash people. (Pam,Kim & Terri)
Will, I have invited about 30 people to watch the games tonight so I thought we would use White's house since they are not home. That way we won't have to clean up when we leave and we can use the beer in their refrigerator.
See you tonight.

Miss W said...

Personal use to bash people? No, no, no--just one who deserves it after years of "abuse." Will, that Coach fellow is getting a little "sensitive." I think he might be a bit jealous of Roxie. He had gotten accustomed to Bella, but watch out for that little dog.

Terri/Donna/Kim--let me know if those 30 people show up for the "Madness." How much did Coach have to pay them?

Will--have a great time tonight. Did we ever hear who you picked?


(P.S. - For those who don't know, the bashing is all in fun. Right, Randy? Love ya!)