Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday, Feb.. 8, 2009

Will had a good day. Coach took Will to dialysis today. I think they both really have such a great time just spending time together, they don't care what they are doing. He was tired but he's feeling better tonight. Tomorrow will be a good day. I still love the pictures from yesterday so if you didn't see them, go look now.

Now for my news---I got a surprise from my good friend Donna Clark. She invited me to the opening ceremonies of the World Special Olympics Winter Games in Boise, Idaho. It was the best time watching all the people. They are sooooo full of just love of life. They humbled me.

Above: Here is the lighting of the torch. It was a very moving moment.

Here are the teams from all over the country (I think 95 in all). They were all dancing, really rocking out to the music that was playing up on stage.

They were just so much fun to watch enjoy the life they have. How fantastic is that?

We should all volunteer some time to this wonderful cause.
I can't get over the fact that they are all so happy all the time.
I am so glad I got to go and I hope you all get to share some of the games that are televised on TV.
God Bless

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