Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb. 9, 2009 Monday

Here is a good picture of my mom and her dog and her grandson

Mom was able to go back to her home today. Praise the Lord that she is still able to live like she wants to. So many people don't get that option, and I know she's happy to be back in her cute house. She's doing so much better. Thank you all for the prayers for her recovery.

Tomorrow, or today, whichever way you look at it (Monday) we get to take Will to the vision specialist in Boise--finally. I know there will be things that he will be able to buy to help him use the vision he has left the best way possible. This doctor will be able to tell us that. Also maybe he can give Will a pair of glasses that will be like those binoculars that he wears to watch TV.

So we go to Boise then we hurry home because Will wants to go to the BIG game for his girls tonight at 7:00. They play for state tonight so good luck Lady Tigers. We are hoping that we can stop by our nice hospital in Boise for a quick chat with all our friends there. Remember, they haven't ever gotten to hear Will's voice the whole time we stayed with them.

Tomorrow I will let you know all the ideas we have gotten from this doctor. He should be able to let us know what computer Will can get because there are a lot out there that reads the screen for you. We just don't know which kind to get. Will's excited about all this, as you can imagine.

Please pray for our trip and that the doctor has some great ideas.



Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

Following your life has been such a blessing. It makes us feel like we are home. Being in Arizona is great as far as the weather and ministering to the people here but we miss Hagerman and Calvary and the life there. God has given Doctors talents to do amazing things. Hope and pray that it will be so for Will's eyes also.
Love you all, Dan and Evelyn Peterson

Christine said...

Will!! You look great! I am so happy!! This absolutely just made my day. Keep it up! :)