Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb. 11, 2009 Wednesday

Oh, oh, it's getting closer to the lucky holiday where some guy in a diaper gets to shoot you or the one you love with an arrow--and it's all good. What a crazy culture we live with.

Will had dialysis and he was needing it again badly, just like every Tuesday. They took off four liters and he should be feeling good tomorrow. Right now he's just tired and cranky.

He is still recuperating from the busy, busy day we had yesterday.

So have a great Wednesday and God bless.

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Jessica said...

You look great! Definitely more comfortable at home huh? Well we head to McCall Friday for our big weekend away from the kids... it's killin me already and we haven't even left the house yet! Doesn't help that Mason has been sick and had a reaction tonight from his antibiotic. ugh...
But he's getting better and they'll be spoiled by Nana and Papa why we are gone!
Martin and I will get a chance to kick back and relax with friends and family! YEAH...
I really wish we would be able to make it to Hagerman... but will probably not happen until this summer...
our thoughts and prayers are with you all...
keep me in your prayers as I try to learn and snowboard this weekend... never know how this old body is going to take it... LOL

Somebody tell Coach Choules that we need two-a-days back... can she do a special volleyball clinic this summer for us old folks? LOL
(Bet she never thought that she'd hear me say that! I never thought I'd say it!!! LOL)