Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb 15, 2009 Saturday

Will went to dialysis with Tom today even though this was my normal day to take him. That's because I got to go to a baby shower of our good, good friend, Katie (Martin) Lardy. She now lives by Portland. It was so good to see her and meet our new little Bella Rose. She's going to be coming over this weekend to see Will too. Angel and I was able to see a lot of our friends that we haven't seen in awhile. Fun times.

I forgot to tell you all (what with the wonderful news I was able to share yesterday) that the nurse that has been working with Will told him that he's so ahead of where he should be in the road to recovery. What Allen (the nurse) said was that usually someone who has been in bed for over 10 months usually takes that long (10 months) to come back. Allen said that Will is about where you would expect him to be at about 8 months after getting out of the hospital (it's been six weeks). Will just keeps amazing us all, over and over.

We had such crazy weather today. It was snowing and blowing with the sun shining. I don't know what it was trying to do but I'm glad it's past.

GOD BLESS AND HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY. I know we will be saying extra prayers for all the special blessings that have come our way.

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