Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Feb. 27, 2009

Friday already??? I think I'm really ready for the weekend. I need to get into my garage and put my 50 (maybe) boxes of Christmas stuff under the house. Then maybe I can use my garage again.

Will had dialysis again today and he could only get a liter off. His blood pressure has been going down too low again. We started backing off of the med that was keeping it higher because we thought he was doing better with that. Whoops. so we will get him back up there again.

Will wanted to go watch one of the Jerome Boys' games so we watched them take #1 spot--just like the girls. They will go to state in a couple of weeks. Good luck to them. We probably won't go up to watch them though.

Our friend, Aunt Sharron is doing so really well from surgery. If you want to go check out what's happening with her, just click on my friends' Whitehouse blog on the right of our home page. She still needs so many prayers for healing.

Will will have physical therapy tomorrow and his nurse will come out and check him out. Hope everyone is planning a great weekend. Sat. is supposed to be nice (please).


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marlene7038 said...

Hello Will and Family,
Will you look great! I love the new picture!