Saturday, February 14, 2009



Great news, some of our friends already know this but Angel and Aaron have told me that I can post it for all our friends. We are going to have a baby in the family come August 14th. (and I promise, it won't be spoiled at all-----I am such a liar sometimes) As you can all imagine, we are in heaven-well as close as you can get here on earth. We have Will home, a baby on the way, and Angel and Aaron will be staying in the area for awhile.

Below is an ultrasound picture. This baby already looks beautiful and smart, don't you think???? Well, people, this might be the baby of all babies.
Angel wasn't even through her first trimester when this was taken. We don't know what it will be and we probably won't know for at least four more weeks.

The little one is only about an inch long here, isn't that amazing!!

Oh, by the way, Will had a good day. Can I just say how happy this baby is making all of us.

Have a great Valentine's Day. Remember, if you can't be with your loved ones, you're not alone, the One that loves you the most is always with you.



Culley's said...

Congratulations to Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Momma and Daddy and little sister. What a Blessing!! God's grace in action.

Also Good luck in State, Will. Your girls are doing so good. I'll bet they will have some great games.

Miss W said...

Congratulations, Angel and Aaron. We'll keep you in our prayers as well.

Glad to see that there is a lot of good news for the Harbison family.


Dixie said...

Congratulations Angel and Aaron. I know that this baby will be spoiled by its Uncle Will, Grandma and Grandpa. How exciting. This will be the best year for the Harbison Family with a new baby coming, Will being home and getting ready to celebrate his 1 year new lung anniversary.
We are hoping sometime this year to join Angel and Aaron on the new baby front but we will wait and see.

Dixie and James

Haneys said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray! I'm so excited! Can't wait to hear more...glad to see that all is going well for mom and baby:) All our love! Happy Valentine's Day!

Jessica said...

How exciting.... what a great Valentine's Day!
I love it when you have fantastic news, Terri!!!
Keep it coming... LOL
Miss and Love you all...