Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009

Will is feeling so much better after dialysis. He hasn't been sick all day. Things like this just must happen because of all the toxins in your system and no way to leave your body. We did find out from the dialysis place that Will can go in on Mondays if he feels bad enough and have a "little" dialysis treatment to hold him over until Tuesday. That's good news for those Mondays when it's so bad. We do have to wait until Will has more muscle mass on his body before he can be considered for a kidney transplant but that can't come too soon.

We went out to dinner to celebrate Will's one year anniversary of his lungs. Will told Brent (Brent and Stacee went with us) that he's one year old today. That's a great way to look at it. Most newly arrived infants have to learn things in the first year and that's what Will has had to do with his new lungs and the body that he has to build back up. I told myself that I need to put the pictures of the new and old lungs on the blog so people can see what they looked like now that it's been over a year.

I wanted to give you a site that many of you can go on to and read about becoming a donor. I hope that all our readers have told their families if they have chosen to become donors, but if there are still people out there that haven't made up your mind, maybe this site will help.

I asked Will if he was sorry that he chose to have a transplant and he told me he has never regretted it for a minute. Even after all he's been through. I told him that the first 3-6 months he was on the "amnesia" medicine so he couldn't know what all went on. I still thank God that he can't remember lots of the "issues" that he has had.

My mom is feeling so much better tonight, she had a touch of a virus thing. My uncle's surgery went well and he's on the road to recovery. Coach has had an ear infection for a few days now so he wasn't up to going to dinner with us, men can be such babies, can't they ladies?? Pam and Lynette, what do you think?

And the big news---drum roll please----Angel is starting to get a little "tummy" on her. Oh, happy day!!!!!!!

Look at all our blessing that we have going on. We have to be the luckiest family in the world.
We thank God for it all.
Hope God pours out blessings on your family also.


Angel said...

I don't think me gaining weight is really a blog issue. I don't see you commening on anyone elses little tummy. :)

Miss W said...

Don't bait us like that, Terri! Because I'm trying to look at a more positive side of life, I shouldn't respond. BUT...since you mention Randy, I just can't sit silent. Donna just needs to put him in his underoos, give him his favorite fleece blankey, and tuck him in to bed. Give me a call if he loses his voice--that's really something to talk about : )

Angel, thanks for taking the heat off the rest of us with the belly issue!

Happy birthday, Will. I just can't wait to see how you grow and mature!


P.S.Oh yeah, get well Randy!

Coach said...

Will, when are certain people going to realize this blog is for you and only you !!! It IS NOT to be used to ridicule other people that are ill !!!!
When basketball is over you, Dr. Tom, and myself will go out for dinner to celebrate your new lungs anniversary. I don't think we need to ask anyone else. Do you ?
I'll see you at the game Thursday.