Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb. 17. 2009 Tues.

Here are some cute pictures of Bella Rose (and our Bella, the cat, is on Will's leg again) meeting Will for the first time. I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't get any pictures with Katie, Bella's mom. She's supposed to come back this week and then I will get another chance. Will had a really good visit, even though Mondays are not his good days.

He slept late today and then he had a haircut. That made him feel so much better. We are looking forward to watching the girls up at state this week. So we are back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great week.

Some time on Tuesday we should hit a very, very, very big number on the blog. If you are the one that makes the counter go to 100,000 let us know. You won't win anything but you will get an "honorable mention" on this blog.



Susan said...

Well, I missed by 1 visit!! Just 1!
WOW! 10,000 is really something!
So great to see you all doing so well. Very happy that we could come by with Bella so she could get to know you. She is looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Love, Bella's Nana

Haneys said...

Will, you look so handsome in your new glasses! The cute baby your holding probably helps with making you look good, too:) Glad all is going so well over there~ we miss and love you all so much!