Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb.19,2009 Thursday

Here is our sweet Katie Rose. She's been one of our "special" ones for so many years. We got another visit today after school (Thanks for sharing your girls, Grandma Susan) and we enjoyed being with her and her sweet Bella Rose. Will and Katie had a lot to catch up on. Coach even came over to visit with Katie and he had just left our house a few hours earlier.

Tom is doing what Tom is best at---spoiling kids. Look at Bella, she's loving it.

Here is Will's chance at spoiling Bella but he just can't get up and dance with her just yet so she didn't stay with Will for long. She likes to keep moving.

In this morning Will will be getting up at 6:00 a.m. (yes, a.m.) so he can be at dialysis by 7:45! We have to do that because we will be going to girl's state this afternoon as soon as I get out of school. He must really, really love those girls because getting up so early isn't like Will.
I did take Friday off just for fun. I love watching the games even it we don't know anybody playing. I hope the hotel we are staying at will have an Internet connection and I will let everyone know how the game went. We play at 6:15 against Mountain Home in Meridian. So keep good thoughts and GO JEROME TIGERS.


Miss W said...

How cute are those pics...

I see there were no pics of Randy and Bella--couldn't have a screaming baby : ) (Love ya, Randy!)

Have fun at tournaments.

Haneys said...

Have fun watching the game! GO JEROME! And, congrats to Aaron and Angel, again...what a blessed family life they are embarking on:)