Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sat. Feb. 21, 2009

Here's Will in the white shirt with black stripe on the arm. He's sitting right behind the girls' bench so he can listen to all that's going on.

Here's the girls in their huddle right before the second half. It was a really good crowd from Jerome. I was glad to see that.

Oh, the girls lost a heart breaker. 43-42. Just broke our hearts to see the girls so sad. They are a great bunch.

So we are back home now and will watch as much of the games as we can on the Internet at if any of you all are interested in watching.

We had a great surprise. We went to the hospital in Boise where we spent so much time. We wanted to see if any of our old friends were working. Well, we came just as they were having their giant open house. So we got to see everyone. But, dummy me, I forgot my camera so if any of you that took pictures there could send me a copy, I will get it up on the blog. That would be a great picture. It was really great and they had a live musical group which they stopped playing to announce that Will was in the "house." They even made him say a few words. Any of you that know Will probably can understand that he wasn't too thrilled. Oh well, we did get to say thanks to a lot of people. It was great to hug everyone.

Will was very tired when he got home tonight but it is a good tired. We got to go to dinner with Curtis and Jen and Cali. We spent some good time with my dad and Cherie at their house waiting for the game.

We go to dialysis at 7 this morning. YUCK! but we did that in case the girls went on to the championship game and we wouldn't have wanted to miss that. Oh, great, it's after 2 in the morning and I have to get up in four hours. I better hit the sack.

GOD Bless