Friday, February 13, 2009

Feb. 13, 2009 Friday

So the Jerome Lady Tigers are going to State in the #1 seed.
They played great and they beat Century (from Pocatello) by about 30 points.
So they play next Thursday in Boise at 6:00 or so. Will has already changed his dialysis time to the morning, at 7:45 am! I didn't even know Will knew there was a 7:45 in the morning. That's dedication to this team, for sure. That way he can get dialysis done and then go up to Boise, watch the game, spend the night, and watch Friday's game also. We will come home on Friday. Then, because we believe the girls will go all the way, Will is having early dialysis on Saturday also so he can go up in the afternoon and watch the championship game in the afternoon.

Will did so much better at the game tonight. His breathing is so much better. The girls all come up and told him thanks for coming. We saw some really good friends of ours-the Kelseys and I mean almost all of them. What fun catching up, they live too far away for us to get together often. Good times tonight.

Lady Tigers: GOOD LUCK AT STATE!!!!
Please note another important date: Tomorrow I will have something on this blog that you don't want to miss. Please stay tuned. I have to scan something into the computer and I can't do it tonight, I am just tired.

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LESLIE said...

Terri, Tom, Will, Angel & Arron

I am so happy for you, I cant wait to tell Daddy he will be so Tickled for you all.
Way to Go Will Awesome job on your progress We love you