Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb. 10, 2009 Tuesday

Today was a good day. We spent the whole day on the eyes. We first went to Dr. Hansen and we really liked him. He has such good things to suggest and I think we did them all. Grandma and Grandpa Atwood met us there so they could hear what the good doc says. We got Will a pair of eye glasses. The reason being that before he lost his vision he had to wear glasses. So then what sight he has left in the right eye will need glasses. Which does make sense. This will help see more clearly. Then the monocular glasses that we ordered today will have the prescription in it also and that should let him see things farther away more clearly.

Now that I have totally confused you, let's just say his vision will improve with these glasses. We went to a one hour place and had the glasses before we left Boise. That turned out to be a good thing because he couldn't have the loan of the glasses he has been wearing because there are people that have been waiting for those for a while now. They usually loan them out for a few weeks, we have had them for three months now. That Will, he's a little con artist you know.

So he's now going to be wearing normal glasses and then he will have his binocular type glasses by the end of the month. We also got a contraption that will let Will read, do crosswords and just about anything else. It's like a projector that will put the image up on a screen and then Will can magnify up to as much as he needs. I will take a picture of it and explain how it works when we get it up and working. That's going to open up so many doors. I can't wait to see how it all is going to work. So it was a good day in Boise.

But it got better. We had to dash (seriously hurry) to make it back to Jerome in time for the big game. We did it just in time and Will sat behind the bench. That was fun because he could hear everything that was being said. So, back to the game. Jerome won!!!! and they are going to state!!!! It was a big night. Then when the team had to go out to the center of the floor to receive their trophy for winning their conference--they wanted Will to go out with them. So the pictures below are of that event. That was soooooooo sweet of those girls. Thank you, ladies.

You can see Will in his new glasses in these pictures


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Miss W said...

Now how encouraging is that!
Go, Will, go!!