Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jan. 5, 2009 Thursday

So, sorry that I didn't get to blog last night.

Here is a great crew: Dr. Liou, the CF specialist that has been Will"s dr. for years. Then, of course our own Dr. Cahill. Her "boy" and Kelly a transplant coordinator and Tauna another coordinator. It was sooooo good to see everyone and have everyone see Will. They were very, very, very impressed with how well Will is progressing.

Above: Here is Dr. Liou again with his whole crew from the CF clinic. These wonderful people have been taking care of Will for years. They came right down when they heard Will was here. Dr. Cahill called everyone.

Dr. Cahill let Will's surgeon, the one that did the transplant, know that Will was here and he came over to see Will. That was a surprise because he's a very busy man.
Then three of the intensive care docs that took care of Will for those many months got to see Will. They all just couldn't believe how well Will looked.

So now that I told you all who Will got to see, I will fill you in on the news from Dr. Cahill.
We got there at 8:00 in the morning and went for the blood tests. Then we went to the vascular surgeon who put in the graft for dialysis. He took out the stitches and told Will he could start using the graft tomorrow. That's great news because after using it for about a week they will take our the tunnel catheter in his chest. That's the one he's been using all this time. So hopefully that will go good tomorrow.

After that we went to Dr. Cahill's clinic. That was about 11:00 then. She came in and checked him over, then I think she came back four more times just to say "Will, you look so good"
She's pretty proud of the job well done. We got to get Will off from two more meds that Dr. Cahill says he doesn't need. Anytime we can get one more pill finished is an achievement in itself. The bloodwork and the xrays looked real good. Then we talked for about one hour with the dietitian and she helped a lot. She gave us a lot of paper work to read about all three diets that Will needs. I was really glad we came just for that reason alone.

We didn't leave the clinic until 3:30 so it made for a very, very long day for Will. He's exhausted tonight. We did stop and have lunch/dinner with Danny and AnnMarie. That was so much fun. Tomorrow is dialysis day so we can see if he can use his graft, pray for that, please.

All in all, the trip was short but sweet and we want to thank God for getting us there and back safely. Thanks for all the travelling prayers.

God bless
I'm sure there are a few more things that I didn't get in about, but as I remember I will write them down.

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Miss W said...

Way to rock those doctors' worlds, Will. You can see how proud they are of you by the wide smiles on their faces.

Each visit you make will be more exciting and fruitful than the last.

Dave and I continue to hold you in our prayers for a full recovery. We know all is possible with God!