Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feb. 26, 2009 Thursday

Will went to the vascular surgeon today to have his tunnel catheter (the tubes in his chest that used to be what the dialysis went through) taken out. He has one less hole in his body. YEA!!! The doctor told Will that it was one of the hardest catheters that he has ever pulled out. Leave it to Will to be a "difficult" patient even pulling out tubes. Now the dialysis is only using the fistula to "clean" his blood.

My cousin, Mark, came up to help his dad, my Uncle Bill, with his surgery. It was a surprise and I was sure glad to see him. It has been many years since I have seen him and Micheline, his wife. They live in the bay area in California. It was fun to catch up and I'm really glad they came up.
Will had his personal trainer, also known as his physical therapist, come to visit today. They took a walk outside to the mailbox and back. Then he rested for a few minutes and tried the treadmill for the first time. He did five minutes and then five more minutes on the bike. How's that for a workout?? Way to go, Will.
We have a good, good friend, Sharon, who is having surgery in the morning for breast cancer. It is more intense than they first thought. So we need your prayers, please, and keep her in your thoughts.


Jen Holtzen said...

Way to go Will, I just love reading your accomplishments. Teri, I have to defend Angel and say that I saw her yesterday, and IF she has a little tummy you would have to hunt for it-but still I can understand how a Grandma would want that tummy to show up...
I will continue with the prayer requests and have to say again way to go Will!

Jessica said...

Sorry, it's been a while! Now I have to catch up...
Sure you already heard... but Aunt Sharron is doing great! Just talked to her on the phone and she sounded really good.
Great job on the workout today Will! I need to do a lot of that myself. LOL
Love and miss you all!

Oh yeah Terri, the kids are doing great, too! LOL
Jesalyn is having growing pains and eating like a horse! And Mason is exploring new language to see how many mommy and daddy buttons he can push.... it's been interesting! Gotta love daycare... he's starting to talk like a 4 year old. LOL

Somer Love said...

Great job on the workout Will!

Love the new family pic!