Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb. 6, 2009 Friday

Here's a couple of pictures that are going to go in the album. Will and Coach had the game (the Lakers and the Celtics in the background) and they got a gift from us in their hands-their own cups. So the game was a perfect time to give it to them. I think they were both happy.
Will's day was a typical dialysis day except that Tom didn't take Will to Twin for dialysis. Our neighbor, Kim, took him because Tom is still sick with a bad cold. Grandma, my mom, went with them because she had her doctor appt. also. My sister=in-law picked my mom up and took her to her doctor. So it worked out well all the way around. Will started using his graft (the surgery they put in his arm) today and they will keep testing it for a few more weeks. It won't be long before he can have the catheters that are in his chest removed.
Grandma was even able to give Will a shot of insulin when he needed it. Go, Grandma. Kim said she could do it too, but for some reason Will started shaking (I don't know why?????). My mom's doctor said she is doing so much better and she can drive now. So life is looking better and better for everyone. It's going to be a great month, I just know it. Will's one year anniversary of his new lungs are coming up and Angel and Aaron's one year wedding anniversary will be at the end of the month also.
Thanks for all the continued support and help with everything.
Keep watching the counter----an unbelievable number is coming up soon!!!!!!!!!!
God bless

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