Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wedding stuff

We went with Angel and Aaron to do their registry at Bath, Bed and Beyond (or whatever the name). Anyway, if any of you have ever gone shopping with Aaron, I am so sorry. Any of you that haven't gone shopping with Aaron, don't. He has way too much fun. So this is a picture of him with his "dinner" plate. I really think he could use this.

This is Aaron hiding in the shower curtains. We couldn't find him for the longest time.

And this is him coming out of the stock room where it says "no admittance" But I do think they got their registry done finallly. I was laughing so hard, it made my sides hurt. It was a fun day, and we are easily amused. They did have to go home so they took off from there.


Mindy Lou said...

I definitely have to check out their registry. LOL

Jack said...

Hey Angel, I saw a kid that I thought was you (age about 6 ). Hope you are well, and happy , and that that guy is worthy of you. Jack Trotter, MD

Jack said...

Will and family , I am thinking of you. Do you remember years ago when I stopped by your home near the Dam? Well, I do. Jack Trotter