Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super, super bowl

What a great game. That's what a super bowl should be. Even though the Giants took our Cowboys out, we were behind them all the way. We like to go for the underdog. We had a great time with some great people and some really, really great ribs.

The first picture is the tray of goodies that Will's cousin, Danny, had waiting for him. Everything Will could need right?

The second picture is the buddy that Will made that night while he was eating ribs. He wouldn't let Will out of his sight.
The third picture was of some of the people. Of course, look who gets the sweet, little boy on his lap. And on the other side of Tom is Danny, Will's cousin.

The last picture is what Tom and I got to play while the boring people were watching the super bowl. I know we had a lot better time than they did. So as you can see it was a great night and a good get-away for Will. Danny, thank you.

God bless all our friends and family. We are very lucky.


Mason & Suzy said...

Hey Will and Family!

This is from all of us on the 4th Floor at SLMVRMC! We're thinking about you guys! Keep us posted on your adventures in Utah! We miss you!

Suzanna, Angela, Lynn, Kristi, Virginia (yes she's back!!!) Dixie, Janene (she's dancing for you right now!), Holly, Nicki, Sheri, Andy, and everyone else that we forget here!

Katie Lardy said...

What a fun day. That picture of Tom is just precious.

Will, you really had the prime refreshments set up there.

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Terri.

Love you guys!

Dixie said...

Will and Family,

It was so good to read up on you. We are all thinking of you and hoping that transplant happens soon.
Congrats Angel on your upcoming wedding. How exciting.
I miss seeing you up on the floor and all the pranks you play. I hope you are keeping the nurses in Utah on their toes.
Keep us updated.

Dixie and James